Sugnall Street

During the second national (third local) lockdown in 2020, sPark It were approached by the proprietor of the famous Art School restaurant with the intention to provide an open-air event space to close and occupy the entirety of Sugnall Street for use by the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and Music Room. The project would have to be achieved with very minimal funds made available from the local authority Without Walls grant project (maximum £10k per applicant) and in a very short space of time. f(n) Architects provided a simple design for a modular sheltered dining space that could be easily manufactured from low-cost materials to be undertaken by Make CIC who would be nominated contractors for the project. While the local authority were enthusiastic, cost limitations and several external factors proved too restrictive for the project to be commenced before lockdown was lifted.

We still think this would be a great addition to the local area!